Open the Window by Jill O’Hara

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As we begin this New Year we look forward to many opportunities to bring more joy, goodness and new beginnings into our lives. It is time to hit the re-set button, blossom into what we desire, enrich or lives, and latch onto new habits that will bring us to a better place. All bright, sparkly things to ring in the New Year. And so it is…

In order to do this we have to let go of the past, release the hopes and dreams we longed for a year ago. Time to reboot and focus on what we wish to accomplish in this year. Whether it is better health, improved communications, peaceful relationships or whatever else is in your heart we can achieve it by setting that intention and most importantly taking action.

This is often a time of grieving and that is not a bad thing. Grieving allows us the ability to review, re-live and then to let go. Say goodbye, thank you for the lessons learned, the love shared and be grateful for the experience that have shaped us. The mourning of lost dreams, loves and opportunities that have vanished is a part of the re birthing process. It is the bridge to the opening of a window to the unseen, as yet unspoken hopes of our futures.

As I begin this New Year for the second time my greatest desire is to find that I can follow my path, listen to the inner guidance that is always available to all of us. My actual New Year was brought in under duress, grieving for loved ones who have crossed over and with little joy. So I have chosen to give it another shot and declared that today was my New Year. Though my new beginning came later than the traditional one I trust,and that is an important word that this year will be the best ever. We always have the opportunity to start over, every day, or even every minute if need be. As I have found my way back to more joy and a more optimistic frame of mind I am reminded that “ it is not the events in our lives that are important, but rather our thoughts about those events that truly matter”.Always trust that what you go through in life is for a good reason. Believe that as our experience strengthen us, and help us to know ourselves better.

My wish for you is that you have the happiest, healthiest and most brilliant New Year of your life. Believe in your self, your dreams, your goals and trust and have faith that the Universe has your back.



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