Wellness Grants

IMG_7168 This is one of the pillars of the Buffalo Wellness Center. We know how healing holistic practices can be. And we know from first hand experience as many of our staff have experienced remarkable improvement as a result of acupuncture, reiki, yoga, sound therapy, massage, and EFT and more. We also recognize that there is a financial burden with these treatments and many people just can not afford to take advantage of the benefits.  The BWC is happy to help assist with some of the costs of these therapies. We select applicants in financial need to help with the cost of holistic care and integrative medicine. In our Mission Statement, we say “The Buffalo Wellness Center believes that holistic services should be available to all … ” and we mean it. If you are interested in learning more about holistic healing practices and want to discuss what to do and where to go, contact us. If you would like to apply for our Wellness Grant financial assistance, please click on our Wellness Grant Application link below, download and submit to us.

 Wellness Grant Application 

Currently, The Buffalo Wellness Center awards its Wellness Grants during the months of July, August, and September which are the first three months of its fiscal year. For information regarding our Wellness Grant procedures and policies, please click below.

Our Wellness Grant Policy 

Please note that the BWC accepts Wellness Grant Applications from December – May each year. Deadline for submitting Wellness Grant Applications is May 31st. Grants are awarded to recipients in July, August, and September.