As you have probably noticed by now, our mantra is “Helping Communities Live Healthier” and we accomplish that in many different ways. One way we “help” is with our Wellness Grants for people in need. This is actually the reason the Buffalo Wellness Center was created. We kept running into people who were interested in holistic care but could not afford it. But what if there was a place for those people that could help them learn about and receive the benefits of holistic care without having to worry about the costs? The medical community is recognizing those benefits and integrating them into the patients treatment but unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover those costs. The Buffalo Wellness Center helps by counseling the individual on holistic therapies, recommending qualified practitioners, and offsetting much of the therapy cost.

Another way the BWC helps is with our Juicer Fund. The benefits of nutrition are immense and one of the best ways to obtain optimal nutrient intakes is by juicing or extracting fruits and vegetables into a “smoothie.” The machines to do this can be costly. That’s why the BWC applies some of the donation dollars we receive to our Juicer Fund where we can purchase the juicers in larger quantities and donate them to those in need.

Helping doesn’t just have to be about money and juicers though. It can be advising, counseling, recommending, restoring, guiding, and supporting. It can determining what course of holistic action is right for each individual then recommending the right program or practitioner to implement it. That’s something we are very good at and the biggest reasons we are here.