Mission and Values

Flyer Expo 2015Our Mission Statement

The Buffalo Wellness Center is dedicated to educate and offer holistic health practices to the communities of Western New York. We believe that holistic health benefits everyone. We inspire, support and guide people to explore healthier lifestyles through our wellness events, workshops, corporate trainings, school seminars and retreats. We provide holistic services through our network of professional holistic practitioners and specialists. The Buffalo Wellness Center believes that holistic services should be available to all and offers Scholarship Programs to those in need of financial assistance. The Buffalo Wellness Center supports integrative medicine and aims to integrate holistic health with traditional medical practices to help bridge the gap between patients and their doctors. Our goals are achieved through our network of dedicated sponsors, staff members, volunteers, board members, and the community.

Our Core Values

We accept and honor where individuals are in their healing journey and offer them an open ear without judgement. We recognize that the healing process is unique doe each person.

We communicate and operate our organization with integrity, respect, trust and confidentiality.

We promote a whole-foods, plant strong diet to achieve optimal nutrition.

We passionately believe all healing is holistic, encompassing mind, body, and spirit and that all people can benefit from holistic practices.

We support the integration of Western Medicine and Holistic Health practices to achieve optimal health.