The Buffalo Wellness Center was founded by Rebecca Lesniak under the inspiration of three very special women, Nancy Tulumello, Lindsay Gena, and Coleen Jones, who taught her about herself and life and inspired her to give. The BWC was born with the mind set of creating a place that encompasses health, wellness, and inspiration for the communities of Western New York. After 15 years of research and education the BWC has found the perfect staff that will work with you to obtain your goals; treating your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Our goal is to help increase stamina and restore motivation and vigor with tested and true techniques. Our leaders are trained professionals who maintain high standards in their areas of expertise. They are not only successful in their ability to motivate and educate, but they have maintained success in their fields of work.

We understand that life changes and at times you may find yourself losing your way. You may be stressed at home or work and you may not be aware of damage you are causing yourself and others. At BWC you will be exposed to many techniques and practices such as Yoga, Sound Therapy, Nutrition, Meditation, Skin Care, Reiki, and many others. At BWC we are committed to helping others feel the best they can on a daily basis. We travel around the country sharing our expertise helping the community to align their lives.